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Explosive speed and power to give you an edge on the field. Achieve your goals to set yourself apart from all the rest and maximize your ability.


Fewer injuries means more time on the field. Reach your full potential with strength, flexibility and power workouts focused on injury prevention.


Smarter workouts specific to your goals, schedule, age and gender. Fit for 90 even adapts to your personal readiness score before each workout.

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Team Periodization

Fit for 90 delivers a comprehensive periodization solution for teams at the professional, college, and competitive youth levels with training designed to help maximize performance and long-term player development.

Schedule Specific

Periodization designed to meet the competitive demands of your team’s schedule. Our app applies an approach that moves significantly beyond the weekly cycling of training and matches.

Fitness Testing

After analyzing your team's schedule a series of 3 fitness tests are performed. This sets the foundation for our model, and ensures that your team's fitness level is progressing throughout the season.

Training Sessions

We provide coaches with detailed daily training sessions. Our goal is to help coaches focus on teaching the game by providing a framework that maximizes player performance and development.

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Meet the Expert

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Dr. John Cone is currently the director of sports science for the Portland Timbers. Dr. Cone has spent the last decade developing a soccer-specific fitness methodology while working in the MLS with Kansas City and consulting with numerous college and club teams throughout the country.

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My eyes have been opened to a completely new approach to soccer-specific fitness training.

His knowledge of the game and ability to integrate strength and fitness training to complement what we do on the field puts him at the top of his profession.

Anyone can put together a workout routine, but a strategic one that maximizes an athlete’s time, energy, strengths and weaknesses, now that’s a different story.

His pursuit of knowledge in this game is unparalleled, and his understanding of soccer-specific fitness training is among the best in the world.

His work has helped us receive tremendous results with our U18 Academy team (finishing 3rd in the nation) and our PDL Carolina Dynamo (finishing National Runners-Up).

Head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to physically preparing players to succeed.

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